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Tagged by Stu - Being rather cleverer than most men, my mistakes are correspondingly huger. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Tagged by Stu [Oct. 23rd, 2007|10:50 am]
Okay, here's the game:

I'm supposed to write 5 little known things about me, one of them being not so much true. Then you guess and it's fun. Then I tag 5 other people and they perpetuate the game throughout all of the interweb.

This is obnoxious, because everyone who is reading this has known me for a LONG TIME. I'm having to dig deep to find non-obvious shit.

1. In my 'tween years, I was the radio commercial personality of Robert's Wallpaper and Paint.

2. I was drinking with Jeff Smoker the night before he got kicked off the football team.

3. In middle school, I self-published a weekly Lions newsletter and tried to sell it to fellow students.

4. In elementary school, if I could manage to pretty much behave myself three days in a row, I got to play checkers against the principal.

5. I recieved a partial college scholarship from the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, a society for promoting Greek-American studies.


[User Picture]From: blackmarlin
2007-10-26 11:40 pm (UTC)
Ha ha, you were thinking well. It was in fact checkers I played with the principal. #2 . . . hey, we were drinking, too! #3 is completely true. I tried to sell it to fellow students; that doesn't mean they were buying it. I gave up after a month or two.

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